Our Varieties

Grass closeupWe offer both Whittet and AZ-1 Kikuyugrass varieties of sod to fit your needs!

The Whittet and AZ-1 grass varieties exhibit much better winter color versus Bermudagrass and either seldom goes completely dormant, which eliminates the need for over-seeding in the winter season.


First developed back in 1970, the cultivar ‘Whittet’ was released in Australia. It was originally developed to spread more vigorously than common strains of Kikuyu that had been introduced to Australia from Africa in 1919. Since then it has been adapted for turf and lawn uses with great success. Whittet has a medium texture, robust turf density and will both establish and persist better on poor soils with low fertility. This makes it a popular choice for turf managers when choosing a seeded variety of grass.


In 1999, Arizona Plant Breeders and Arizona LTD released the variety ‘AZ-1’ which was developed from strains of Whittet. As compared to Whittet, AZ-1 is less aggressive, grows lower at maturity and has smaller stolons. This produces less forage than Whittet and makes AZ-1 a more ideal cultivar for turf use while also keeping a greener color.

Kikuyu Field


· 95% Minimum purity
· 85% minimum germination
· 180,000 seeds per pound


Laboratory studies are currently being conducted to determine actual salt tolerance levels. A USDA salinity lab has shown 85% emergence with 25 decicemens as irrigation water in sand tanks at University of California, Riverside.